14 Dec 2016

The Brosome 2016 Holiday Gift Guide: The Top Ten Gifts For The Geek In You! (2 of 4)

Here we are at another installment of this year’s Brosome Holiday Gift Guide! This time around, we will appeal to the geek within, or you know, to give you an idea of a gift to give your techie carbon. Here are the latest gadgets to own and give for the holidays!

10. Jabra Sport Pulse

Let’s start with an awesome gift that would perfectly fit in to anyone’s New Year health goals. Jabra Sport Pulse is the first-ever wireless ear buds to give real-time voice coaching. Not only that, it also has a heart rate monitor  and motion sensor to recognize the fitness activity that you’re currently doing along with its intensity.

9. Sprint Livepro Projector

The perfect projector to lug around and screen your favorite movies anywhere – even outdoors. If you have a wide sheet, that is. This portable battery-operated projector can download movies and project them to up to ten feet.

8. TP-Link WiFi Range Extender

Know someone who works at home? Or do you work at home yourself and need constant internet connection? Then the TP-Link WiFi Range Extender is the perfect gift to give. You don’t know the range of real power until it gets extended to up to 10,000 ft.

7. Polaroid Cube

This is the ultimate action camera of the season. It is shock-proof, water-proof, and also a fool-proof gift to any adventurous being. Mount it on anything from your helmet to your wakeboard to the tip of your surfboard, and get ready for mind-blowing shots.

6. The Amazon Echo

Sorry Siri, you just weren’t enough to measure up. Meet Alexa. She’ll answer to all of your requests, all you need to do is ask. She can turn on your lights for you, read and send messages, check the weather – even give you the date when Michael Jackson died.

5. Aether Cone

Saying that this is a cool speaker would be an understatement. Aether Cone is smart and can even respond to your voice. It has two settings depending on your needs (whether you ‘re listening to your fave tuens, or podcasts, or the radio). Don’t like the track? Just a gesture would change it to a song of a similar genre, or a bigger gesture would change the current genre altogether.

4. Master & Dynamic MH40

Not a fan of bulky headphones? Do you find them too big or they just don’t match your laid-back gentlemanly style? Then I indulge you to take a look at this beauty.  It’s made up of forged aluminum and real lambskin leather. I’ve never seen anything that looks deliciously vintage and stylish.

3. The DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K Quadrocopter Drone With Video Camera

Because it’s a FREAKING DRONE. You need this in your life. You friends need this in their lives. And you guys…you know…you know in your hearts that you’ve always wanted one. Give in.

2. Samsung Gear VR

Virtual reality is the future. It’s the future of movies, of gaming, and more. Whether you’re looking for a gift to give yourself or anyone else for that matter, geek or not, the Samsung Gear VR will surely be well-loved.

1. MacBook Air

Give an old laptop the chance to retire in piece with the new MacBook Air released this year. It comes in different colors but the best one to boot is still the gold one. It’s gold. It’s an Apple. How much of a status symbol could you still ask for?