30 Aug 2010

Brooklyn Decker will definitely invade your daydreams

Brooklyn Decker Access 1

I don’t know exactly what I did or what I searched for today but somehow I ended up on Brooklyn Decker‘s wikipedia page and I was shocked! This peach is just a couple of months younger than me and she already rocked the whole world with her breathtaking body.

She looks incredible no matter what she’s wearing and if you get to see a bunch of fresh pics with her in bikinis or lingerie you can take a day off because you surely can’t think of anything else except Brooklyn’s groovy body. If there’s ever a list with the luckiest guys in the world, Andy Roddick should be at least in the top10 for landing this babe.

Oh well, his tennis career is worth mentioning too but heck… he’s with Brooklyn Decker and that’s why he’s better than any other tennis player in the world. In your face Roger Federer. Anyway, there’s nothing else to add, so you should definitely stop reading this and start clicking away at the sexy thumbnails because this peach is screaming hot.

Forgot to mention from where are these pics. Brooklyn Decker was just featured in a jaw dropping photoshoot for the latest issue of Access Magazine doing an NFL preview. Enjoy!