9 Feb 2010

Brooklyn Decker in a tiny bikini will melt your eyeballs

Brooklyn Decker SI 1

The moment we’ve all expected is finally here: Brooklyn Decker‘s bikini swimwear photoshoot from the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue was just revealed today! Brooklyn looks hotter than ever and she’s definitely a great pick for this year’s cover of SI’s popular edition.

Soon after the smoking hot cover and pictures were revealed Brooklyn tweeted that she thinks this pictorial is amazing, glowing, fun and not over the top and everyone is really prowd of her.  This 22 year old babe was once known as “Andy Roddick’s girlfriend who is also a model” but from now on I think the things should go like this: “he’s that dude who plays tennis who managed to be with that stunning supermodel named Brooklyn Decker“.

If I remember right I think Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker are even married and heck, that’s the best reason to appreciate this guy. He isn’t the best at tennis even though he’s pretty great at it but he definitely has the best taste in women from all tennis players.

Whenever he has to play with Federer again he should just tell him after the game “you might have won dude, but take a look at your wife and then check out my supermodel wife, Brooklyn Decker. Who’s the biatch now?”

Anyway, awesome photoshoot with Brooklyn Decker in SI!