21 Sep 2012

Bregje Heinen in lingerie will melt your face off

Oh Bregje Heinen, how much I’ve missed you! It’s been months since our first post with this new Victoria’s Secret girl and.. I totally missed drooling over her bodacious curves in sexy lingerie from VS. I was so impressed by this girl’s looks the first time I’ve seen her that I even said she might be the next Doutzen Kroes, which is.. saying a lot, you know.

Now with that out of the way, here’s this Dutch super hottie looking exactly like my next girlfriend in a massive set of lingerie photos from.. you’ve guessed it, Victoria’s Secret, of course. Now apparently the guys at VS released 2 or 3 new lingerie photos with her every single week and, since a lot of weeks passed from our first post with her, we have today exactly 64 drool inducing photos with this girl.

As you’re about to see from any of these photos, Bregje Heinen is way too hot not to be gawked at on a daily basis and that’s why I hope we’ll have more and more photos with her in the future. Enjoy!