16 May 2017

What To Do After Breaking Your iPhone Besides Crying

We all love our iPhones, right? And why wouldn’t we after spending our hard-earned money on a phone. That is also the reason why it’s not so surprising that a lot of work and craftsmanship is put into protective gear.


I’m not sure if you’ve been at this point though: that you’ve dropped your phone only to discover that the gorilla glass cover didn’t break, too bad it didn’t stop your iPhone’s screen from breaking.

So what do you do after you’ve broken your iPhone? Here are a few ideas.

Sell its parts.

The best thing that you can do is to get your money back. How do you do that? Why, by selling its parts, that’s how! Sure, you’re not going to get the exact amount that you’ve paid for for the new phone, or a fixed one at that, but you’ll surely get some money that’s not too bad either.

You might want to erase all your private information first though. You don’t want a security issue just because you sold your broken phone with all your private details in it.

Recycle it.

You might have this urge to literally throw your phone away after realizing that it wouldn’t work anymore, but please resist it. There are a lot of nasty chemical stuff inside your broken phone that Mother Nature wouldn’t appreciate receiving.

The solution? Send your phone back to Apple. There, you would rest assured that your private information wouldn’t be put at risk, and that your phone would be properly recycled by their awesome recycling robot, Liam.

Test dummy.

Don’t have cracks just yet? Just dropped it into a pool of water? Sounds like it’s going to serve as a perfect test dummy to me. Drop test videos are getting TONS of views on YouTube and you might find yourself reeking in money online…and it all started with a broken phone. Who knew?