31 Aug 2012

Brazilian hottie Daiane Sodré gets uber sexy in lingerie!

Now I don’t know if the guys at Victoria’s Secret follow our site or not, but I honestly think we were the first site to discover the up and coming Brazilian supermodel Daiane Sodré and featured her a couple of months ago here. I even said we’re going to hear (and see) a lot more of her in the future and boom, next thing you know, she’s posing in skimpy little outfits for Victoria’s Secret.

That’s great for her, for Victoria’s Secret, and for us, of course, because we’re going to be spoiled with a lot of incredible photos of this hottie in the future. For example, here she is showing off her groovy Brazilian supermodel curves in some of the most awesome lingerie photos I’ve seen all week.

I still don’t know too many things about this peach, but what I do know is that she has a perfect little body, and that especially goes for her ridiculous mid-section, mesmerizing cleavage, killer legs and those amazing lips.. Hot, hot, hot! That’s it, enjoy the photos!