27 Apr 2010

Brazilian babe Fernanda Cardoso will leave you speechless

Fernanda Cardoso vip 1

We all know Brazil is one of the countries with the hottest women in the world and here is another babe you’ve probably never heard of. We’re talking about Fernanda Cardoso, a girl who just started a career as a dentist from what I’ve read about her and, since she thought her beauty would take her even higher in life, she decided to participate in the 10th edition of Big Brother Brazil.

She’s hotter than many, many women in the world and she was obviously the best looking chick from that show and probably every dude who watched the show wanted to see more of her because there can’t be any other reason to watch a boring show like Big Brother, right?

So, in just a couple of months of BBB10 her popularity started to grow as fast as the show’s audience and it was just a matter of time until a magazine wanted to feature her on its cover. So, the Brazilian magazine VIP made an amazing photoshot with Fernanda Cardoso for their May 2010 Issue that will probably leave a lot of us speachless.