5 Jul 2017

Boxers Vs. Briefs: Benefits of Wearing Boxers!

The century-old, okay maybe not that old, question is whether guys prefer to wear boxers or briefs. Over the years, there has been a world-wide debate on whether briefs or boxers are better than the other. Although it is just a piece of clothing that nobody even sees, it is actually more important to guys which ones they wear. Depending on the level of comfort, style, and purpose, they differ in opinions in many way. In this series of boxers vs briefs, you will get to see what the difference is between wearing boxers and wearing brief. Here are some of the benefits of wearing boxers.

Wearing Boxers

Letting the family jewels loose.

There’s just something about letting it hang loose that makes one feel relaxed and comfortable. Too much constriction cause cause excess sweating which will make that area have an unpleasant smell. Another reason is that it reduces excessive blood flow. If it gets a little too tight down there, blood will be pumped in excess causing the genitals to warm up. This can can affect the sperm production and fertility.

It is more hygienic.

Wearing loose boxer shorts means more air will pass through. A cooler temperature will definitely make the sweat glands lessen the amount of sweat produced at a given time. Less sweat means less odor, as previously mentioned. Too much sweat trapped down there poses the risk of getting bacteria. This can be rather dangerous, especially to those who do not shower on the daily. Style-wise, there are many designs that guys can choose depending on their preference, instead of just getting boring whitey-tightys.

Combats infertility.

It was already mentioned earlier that choosing to wear boxers will lower the temperature of the crotch area. This helps with the production of sperms because an increase in temperature due to constriction will reduce the amount of sperm produced at a given time. This, in turn, will be beneficial for the future because as a man grows older, the sperm count decreases. If the increased temperature will reduce the already decreasing amount of sperm, imagine what it would be like if that will go on for years. Infertility would be a big problem.

Based on these benefits, wearing boxers clearly beats wearing briefs. But then again, it really depends on what the preference of the person is. These are just some of the advantages of wearing boxers compared to wearing briefs.