7 Aug 2017

How Booking That Flight Might Just Save Your Relationship

Here’s the thing with new relationships. They are fun. They are romantic. They are everything you’ve ever dreamed of…for the time being, at least. Every new relationship has an expiration date until the magic wears off.

Booking That Flight

Online booking airplane tickets. 3d

But even though this first stage of a relationship is so “magical” we still deem that traveling with a new flame is just too soon, as if getting on a plane with her would entail a higher level of commitment. I wish to disagree with this though and here are the reasons why I think going on a trip with your new significant other is actually a good move.

By the way, these reasons are also great for rekindling that lost flame.

Traveling strengthens the bond.

Traveling to a new place grants a lot of opportunities for new experiences – new places to see, new food and drinks to try, new activities to enjoy. It puts both of you out of your comfort zone and sharing these experiences will surely strengthen your bond with each other and create cherished memories.

Traveling lets you see each other in a whole new light.

How is she in treating people? Is she flirty with the bartender? Is she too mean at that waitress? Both of you are also exposed to new scenarios, situations that otherwise you would not have experienced in an everyday setup. How is she in dealing with these things? These activities might just give you a glimpse of the real person behind that “dream girl”.

The same also applies for old relationships. You’d be surprised on how much you can still unearth from a person by simply removing her from her place of safety. Maybe, just maybe, this will serve as a chance to see her in a whole new light. Or let her see you in a whole new light, for that matter.

Traveling is an opportunity for a really sexy night!

Finally, one of the best things I love about traveling is the sex! Having sex along the beach, or even at the back of a bar is just more exciting and doable just because people don’t really know you even if you get caught! Just try it out, it will work wonders.