6 Mar 2014

Bombshell Catalina Otalvaro shows it all

Holy smokes! Catalina Otalvaro is a bombshell and if these photos won’t convince you as to why I say that, you’re probably keeping your eyes closed. This lingerie photo-shoot for Besame is incredible, and this babe is oozing so much sex appeal it hurts. this girl looks hot no matter what and you could easily see how stunning she is, right? These photos could not have come at a better time because it’s freaking cold where I live and this girl radiates enough heat to keep me warm.

She’s baaaack !!! Arguably the hottest Colombian model, Catalina Otalvaro, this sweetie is strutting her sexy stuff. This peach is a supernova of hotness, right? And downright perfect from head to toe. Her hotness makes me go delirious while she’s teasing the hell out of us with her groovy little body in these drool inducing photos. Hot damn, I’ve been waiting to drool over a brand spanking new photo-shoot with this peach for months so you probably imagine I’m happy as a dog with two tails right now. Wowzers!

Now, if you’re a regular Brosome reader, you probably know we’ve published several shoots from Besame on our site over time and I think I’m probably one of their biggest fans. Their lingerie is damn sexy, the photoshoots are some of the most amazing shoots I’ve ever drooled over and the girls… oh my!! It’s not often that I get to use “jaw dropping” in the literal sense, but Catalina Otalvaro and her brand spanking new photo-shoot for the newest lingerie collection from Besame is to die for. Good lord, is she ridiculously hot or what ?!? Enjoy!