21 Apr 2017

A Bloody Gear For Those Who Love To Shoot

Honestly speaking, I don’t really need a lot of motivation when it comes to shooting practice. I am a marksman by heart, almost as much as I love the sound of a singing deadly blade. I would have to tone down on paintball though because my body already has purple-colored splatters all around – and we don’t even use purple, if you get what I mean.

Target shooting, hence, is a more injury-less alternative.

But I won’t even lie in saying that zombie dummies that actually bleed would not add to the adrenaline and excitement of it all. However, let’s face it. Setting these dummies up is just not that convenient in indoor practice. But don’t fret my friends, here is a whole new gear by Triumph Systems that would allow us to enjoy the same thrill minus the bulky setup.

And that is through their Threat Down Zombie Targets.

Triumph System’s Threat Down Zombie Targets are poster targets made from corrugated cardboard, with of course, zombie illustrations on them. But what makes these cardboard targets so special is that the illustrated zombie’s vital organs are covered with gel packs that emit blood once they’re hit.

It’s pretty much like a bubble wrap, and it is also strategically designed so that if you hit just one, then only one hexagonal blood “bubble” will puncture and bleed.

Not only that, these bloods also come in another color – blue. Because zombies are blue-blooded royal assholes. That, and to distinguish if you’ve hit them straight through their lungs. Yes, that’s right. Those bubbled-up blood in their lungs are blue just to make it easier for you to distinguish where you’ve hit it.

Aside from zombies, Threat Down also comes in other silhouettes. There’s even a suicidal bomber terrorist in there! Indoor target shooting practice will never be the same again with these buggers to help you out.