25 Nov 2013

Blisfully sexy Simone Villas Boas is bad.. and it feels good!

At the end of the day, when all work is done, you need a sexy goddess to get you going, son! And who better to do that than the ultimate Brazilian supermodel, the wickedly hot Simone Villas Boas showing off her groovy little body prancing about in these teasing lingerie outfits for Adore Me and their latest photoshoot. I was getting ready to sleep, but now I’m up!

Do you dare to take a closer look at these pictures? Lord have Mercy! With those perfect curves in all the right places it’s kind of hard to survive this onslaught of uber sexiness. And since she just loves to pose in skimpy lingerie and sexy bikinis… what’s not to adore? Stick a fork in me, ’cause I’m done!

Simone’s got one of the sexiest bodies I’ve ever drooled over and she’s doing a pretty damn great job of staying on my radar. I totally dig this peach and her natural beauty. The super sexy Simone Villas Boas is not only out of our league, she’s out of this world! I’m going to stop right here and feel lucky I get a chance to click on the sexy photos below. Enjoy! I know I will!