10 May 2017

The Bikes That Johnny Blaze Got Under His Crosshairs: The BMW R nineT Scrambler (2 of 2)

Hey what’s up? It is time once again to feature a motorcycle that is so awesome and so damn fast that even Johnny Blaze would love to ride. The last time we were here, we have featured an Aprilia which was able to go from zero to sixty faster in just two blinks – provided that those blinks are only half a second apart.

Today though, in honor of Ghost Rider, we are going to feature a bike that nods more toward his aesthetic taste.

Have you ever heard of a scrambler yet? If you haven’t then obviously you’re not that much of a bike junkie, so let me educate. Scramblers are bikes that are just in the borders of being an off-road bike. Before, a bike modded with bigger tires or a higher mounted exhaust may already be considered as a scrambler. Fast forward to today, mods don’t even have to mod a bike in order to own a scrambler because it’s all the rage in the market right now. And I’m sure our dear friend Johnny would appreciate a bike that looks damn well good both in the roads and on the dirt.

The BMW R nineT Scrambler

The scrambler that we are going to feature today, for instance, the BMW R nineT Scrambler, is fresh out of the market. This badass vehicle is easily customizable and looks trendy and steampunk at the same time. It has just recently been unveiled in Italy. The only down side? It’s a bit pricey so you better start saving now if you want to own this baby by Christmas. It’s $15,000.

Just to give you a heads up though, this bike is one of the last few models that will ever use BMW’s 1,170cc, air/oil-cooled flat twin engine, just before they’re slowly switching to their latest liquid-cooled version. But there’s no need to worry, this still doesn’t change the fact that it gives us 110 horsepower and 86 foot-pounds of torque.