26 Apr 2017

The Bikes That Johnny Blaze Got Under His Crosshairs: Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC (1 of 2)

Johnny Blaze is the human who constantly keeps Ghost Rider in balance, and while we almost always see him in recent portrayals in a hog, it doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t enjoy being on one of the two bikes that we are going to feature in this series.

Today we are going to start a series of articles featuring two of the fastest bikes on the planet right now – those bikes that could seriously put the roads on fire, Johnny Blaze style. It is almost half a decade now since we’ve witnessed the Dodge Tomahawk with its 500 horsepower and V10 engine with a monster ability of going from zero to sixty in just over a second.

Four years after that wild feat in 2010, the Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC was released, and now even almost three years after, it still proves to be one of the fastest bikes today – and with good reason! Let’s take a closer look then?

The Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC

If you are searching for credentials in your superbike resume, then this baby has a stellar CV. It has won not just one or two but FIVE World Superbike Championships after all. You want to ride a big league? Well, here’s one of the biggest out there. It will almost make you feel that you’re one of the champions yourself while riding their steed.

The secret? Its groundbreaking narrow V-4 cylinder that was the first ever of its kind when this bike was released. This technology has given the Aprilia the power to blast from zero to sixty in just 2.7 seconds. Its top speed can take you to almost 185 miles per hour making it easy for you to overtake most cars and trucks in a speedway.

Ready for this kind of speed? It’s best to start saving up, then. While it is not as expensive as the seven hundred thousand dollar Tomahawk, this baby still sells for over twenty thousand dollars.