23 Sep 2010

Bianca Manalo in a bikini just made my freaking day

Bianca Manalo fhm 1

I’m pretty sure you’ve never heard of Bianca Manalo until today because well… we didn’t knew anything about her either. And we know almost celebrity hottie on the face of the planet. But this girl comes from Philippines and maybe that’s why we didn’t knew her until today.

Bianca Manalo is a delightful Filipina actress and model and she became pretty well known in her country only last year after she won the Philippines Miss Universe pageant. With her groovy little body and amazing look, she’d probably convince me too to vote for her.

From her wikipedia I even found out that her sister finished in top 10 at Miss World in 2002 so… the genes in her family are pretty damn great! I’m a bit sad we don’t feature girls from Philippines as much as we should because… let’s face it: these babes are smokin’.

Anyway, here’s the hottest woman from Philippines at the moment, Bianca Manalo, looking hot as a supernova in bikinis for the latest issue of the local FHM.