19 Sep 2017

Some Of The Best Weapons And Gadgets Used In The 100 TV Series (2 of 2)

Hello fellow grounders! Last time we were here we talked about the best weapons seen in the television series The 100. This time around, we’re going to talk about some other weapons we saw in the show before finally talking about the juiciest gadgets – the hydrazine bombs.

The Ark Guard Baton

Of all the weapons in the series, this has got to be my absolute favorite. This electric truncheon aka stun stick is commonly used by guards in the Ark, however, we also see it being used by others in the ground. Bellamy used it once or twice, but we really saw the extent of this gadget’s efficiency when Clarke’s mom used it as some kind of defibrillator to revive Lincoln and that’s when I thought: Whoa, I never looked at a truncheon like that!

The Hydrazine Bomb

Raven is my favorite hottie in the show. Thank goodness they haven’t killed her yet. Lexa’s cool too, but I’d rather have Raven by my side when things get rough because she can make a BADASS BOMB! Here’s the concept. Hydrazine is a pink-colored liquid. It’s actually rocket fuel. They got the supply from the same ships they used to get back down to Earth. She put it inside a really tight canister inside a bigger container filled to the brim with gunpowder. They ignite the gunpowder using a gunshot, and boom. There goes the bridge which survived through the nuke war, but it didn’t survive Raven.

And oh, she can blow off dams too!

The Acid Fog

Finally, we end this series with the big baby, the acid fog, which according to Raven’s notes is made up of part nerve and part sulfur mustard vesicant. Now don’t ask me what those are, I’m just repeating her words here, but what I do know is you don’t want to get stuck inside the damn fog. Even just the mildest of exposures could result to blisters and heavy coughing.