5 Sep 2017

Some Of The Best Weapons And Gadgets Used In The 100 TV Series (1 of 2)

Have you watched the television series The 100 already? It’s set in a post-nuke dystopian world where, after years of staying in space, humans are planning on returning to Earth again because they’re already running out of oxygen up there.

Weapons And Gadgets Used In The 100 TV Series

To test the ground and see if it’s fit for survival again, they send 100 of their youngest criminals to Earth, because, you know, it’s better to turn them into test subjects than to execute them. Whadyaknow, their convicted criminals turns out to be their best and youngest leaders and politicians!

I’ve just finished binge watching through two seasons, and I got so inspired by the gadgets and weapons they used, hence the article. Let’s start!

Bellamy’s Axe

One of my most favorite gadget-related parts of the television series is their ingenuity with makeshift weapons. Just take a look at Bellamy’s axe for instance, which looks diy’d from an old metal pipe and random metal parts. It proved its worth when Clarke used it to cut down the rope when they mistakenly hung John Murphy for murder.

A Hell Lot Of Guns

And of course, what good is a dystopian world without firearms? Here are some of the best firearms we saw used in the series so far.

M4a1 – This was the main assault weapon the 100 used against the grounders. They found a stash of it in an old military base they were able to dig up and discover. Too bad most of the bullets were duds.

T97NSR – This pre-war Chinese weapon is surprisingly the Ark’s main security weapon. Super curious about this one. Was this China’s gift somewhere in this series’ universe’s history? Or was it just chosen by the creators of the series because of its aesthetic?

CAA Tactical Roni – Finally, this gun gets a special weapon just because it ultimately lead to Finn’s demise. It’s the weapon he used to massacre all those innocent people in a grounder’s camp. Tsk tsk, just when I thought that he was the most sensible guy in the crew.