24 Oct 2017

Best Theme Parks to Go to During Halloween!

Going on a road trip or taking a plane to a different state can be a lot of fun. But most people would only do that when they have a lot of extra time during the summer or winter vacations. Why not change it up a bit and go on a fun trip to get scared out of your wits. Halloween is just a few nights away and clearly staying at home and watching scary movies is not a very fun option. To spice things up a bit, here are some of the best theme parks to go to during Halloween!

Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios Hollywood

Prepare for the most terrifying night of your life by going to the inescapable horrors that Universal Studios has to offer. From countless mazes such as the house that Chucky inhabits to a zombie infested tram ride, it will be one of the most memorable nights of your life. Walking through the corn maze and the infamous saw maze, it is definitely one of the scariest theme parks around. Aside from experiencing first-hand the horrors that Hollywood can throw at you, kill two birds with one stone and visit the beautiful sights of Los Angeles.

Knotts Scary Farm at Knotts Berry Farm – Buena, California

Another theme park that you can visit is the Knotts Cary Farm located in Buena, California. Although it is not as big as the other theme parks in California, it still packs a mean punch when it comes to Halloween inspired haunted houses, mazes, and rides. Experience what it’s like to really be scared so bad that you might even pee in your pants. This theme park is known to be the originator of having a Halloween theme and they host a whopping over ten mazes that tourists can try to get through. If they can survive.

Cedar Point’s at Halloweekends – Sandusky, Ohio

Just like the previous two theme parks, once Halloween comes, all of a sudden horror mazes pop up. But what really puts Cedar Point’s at Halloweekends a popular place to go to during Halloween are the shows that they put out. Not a lot of theme parks put out shows and there are even less that host scary-themed shows. It can be a nice break from all the crying and screaming going through corn mazes and haunted houses. It is definitely a good place to travel to during Halloween.