20 Sep 2017

The Best Graphic Hoodies To Wear As Days Grow Chillier

It’s almost fall season once again, and little by little, you are starting to feel the das getting chillier…but not quite. That’s the problem with this kind of weather. You are almost geared up for the cold, yet you don’t want to dress up for the winter yet. The trick is to dress up somewhere in between, and what better way to do that than to throw on your favorite hoodie?

And it doesn’t have to be your sad and bleached out hoodie, the same one you’ve been wearing since college. It can be one of these stylish babies right here.

A Pink Hoodie

Thinking that the color pink is only for girls is soo last season. In fact, pink is one of the trendiest colors for men to wear right now, and you can apply it to your hoodies of choice. Grunge wear brand, Pleasures, has some refreshingly pink hoodies in store like their Eyes Hoodie. Is that a graphic of Elvis’ eyes right there?

A Bright-Colored Hoodie

If pink doesn’t really work out for you, then why not choose any other bright color instead? Just try to get out of your comfort zone and leave the blacks and grays at home. Here’s a printed green hoodie from Life’s A Beach, for instance, called Jungle Hoodie.

The Preppy Hoodie

If bright colors – or just plain hoodies – don’t really fit well in your preppy style, then maybe this Fighting Wale Hoodie by NOAH can convince you otherwise. And feel free to explore other prints available, all created by none other than former Supreme Creative Director Brendon Babenzien, no less.

The Black Graphic Hoodie

Or, if you really can’t resist gravitating back to the black, then why not choose one with a new yet classic icon? This black hoodie, for instance by Thrasher, gives their iconic logo a new look with their Menorah hoodie. And as you know with Thrasher, you can never go wrong. It’s a household brand and an all-time skate icon.

And what’s best about these hoodies is that you can literally throw them over anything!