13 Nov 2013

Belle Mathilde Frachon is a super hottie

I haven’t seen this babe in a long, long time, but there’s an easy way to fix that. Would you agree that the adorably hot French model Mathilde Frachon looking freaking hot in sexy Victoria’s Secret lingerie is a true vision of perfection? Hot damn! Let’s hurry up and get to the good wstuff.

We rarely get to see a new set of photos of this peach and every single time she drops our jaws straight to the floor. Having said that, prepare to drool once again, ’cause this charming sexy little minx straddling in lingerie outfits is looking hotter than you could ever imagine. I’m sure she’s going to become one of your favorite hotties sooner or later.. possibly sooner!

I gotta admit that I still check out some of the older photos of Mathilde Frachon, she’s that foxy! After the first time I stumbled upon this cute, I thought she couldn’t get any hotter.. but boy, I was wrong! She’s just killing it in Victoria’s Secret lingerie and makes me weak at the knees with  every single photo. So, keep them tissues close – to wipe your drool – and enjoy!