2 Oct 2012

Behati Prinsloo showing off her groovy curves once again

Holy freakin’ Batman.. I can’t believe it’s been almost six months since the last time we’ve featured the adorably hot Behati Prinsloo in here! Yeah, I know you all missed her and.. I also know you’ll appreciate the fact that we’ve meticulously documented what she’s been up to in these last months.

She showed off her ridiculously sexy curves here and there but more importantly, she posed in Victoria’s Secret lingerie pretty often which is something we all like, right !? The guys at VS released only two or three new photos with her at a time but in these six months there were many photos released, more than enough to gather this drool inducing gallery.

One look at any of these shots and you can clearly see why this peach is showing off her sexy little body for Victoria’s Secret. If you need me to spell it out for you.. she’s freaking drop dead sexy!! Enjoy!