15 Oct 2013

Beautiful Tiffany Keller is just waiting for you

As a final show for today, we’re glad to announce that USA is making a comeback – no, not what you might think – by turning on our drooling mode with sexy supermodel Tiffany Keller, and her naughty poses for this latest photo-shoot for Yamamay lingerie. So, what do you think, are US-builds still the best, or have we seen better? Tiffany is looking good, though! Ridiculously good, actually.

She’s definitely not your average American girl – if I’m wrong, tell me; I’ll rush right over! – as sexy and foxy as she is. I’m sorry to say I’ve never heard of this peach before today, and we’re yet to find out something about her. I tried to look up this cute babe for you, to provide more info – as if anyone is reading a word I write; I know you’re here for the drooling part.

I even visited her website, but no info; no idea how old she is, but she’s tall, she’s drop dead sexy, she’s from Cali and she’s in front of me in lingerie outfits. What more is there to say? She’s a sweetie and a complete turn on in those lingerie outfits, but I must say I’m not all that impressed. I’d love to see more, and more and more and more and more. Yup, I’m ready to go! Enjoy and let’s hope she’ll return in our attention soon.