21 Sep 2017

Beat The Heat: Bourbon And Mint Iced Tea (1 of 2)

Having a hard time beating the heat? Then here is a two part series of thirst quenching and cooling drinks that you should and ought to try. These drink recipes will surely satisfy your need for comfort. And if you are a pipe smoker like me then these cooling drinks is the perfect for your late afternoon pipe smoking while you are watching the sun slowly goes down to the horizon.

Bourbon And Mint Iced Tea

Now for the first part of this refreshingly good and cooling drink recipe we are going to be featuring one of the most common cooling fluid refreshment that we all love – iced tea – however in this recipe we are going to kick it up a notch with some citrusy goodness, natural minty touch of mint leaves, as well as a generous splash of bourbon. This iced tea recipe is a must have.


One lemon cut into eight wedges
A half cup of sugar (the variety of sugar depends on your preference)
One third cup of fresh mint leaves
A half cup or four ounces of fresh orange juice
A half cup or four ounces of fresh lemon juice
A cup or eight ounces of bourbon
Ice cubes
One quart plus a cup or forty ounces of unsweetened iced tea


*Making of this iced tea recipe is quite simple. You start by muddling or mashing the lemon wedges, your preferred sugar and mint leaves with a wooden spoon inside a two quart pitcher until the mixture turns in to a thick syrup.

*When the basic syrup for the drink is done, you can now start gradually diluting the syrup by adding the orange juice, lime juice, as well as the bourbon. Remember that as you add in the three fluids that you are stirring the mixture so you are sure that the flavors of the syrup amply distributed.

*Fill the pitcher ice cubes and slowly pour in the unsweetened iced tea as you stir everything. Serve and enjoy.