10 Sep 2014

Beat Blox Lets You Create Music without ANY Prior Knowledge

Beat Blox

For many of us, music’s a frustration— whether it’s to sing or play an instrument. But what if you don’t need any prior knowledge to make your own music? Seriously: No synths, no FX, no beats, no nothing.

Enter Beat Blox.

Designed by Per Holmquist, a student in Beckmans College of Design in Sweden, Bleat Box is made for those who want to exercise their musical creativity without having to go through all the lessons and jargon that can be so complicated.

The logic behind Beat Blox is quite simple: To allow modern technology and basic Physics to interact. Holmquist designed three turntables that come with built-in Arduino midihshield, which communicates with the blocks placed atop these turntables. Place one block on top, the sound has one beat, place another and you’ve got two beats. Place three more, you’ve got five beats— you get the idea.

Want to see just how cool this machine is? Watch the video below as Holmquist takes it for a spin:

In an interview, Beat Blox creator, Holmquist said: Imagine being able to create a piece of music without knowing one single instrument. Beat Blox is a musical machine that questions our preconception on what we are actually capable of. In this project I have created a musical machine/ interactive installation, which makes it possible for people to create music without being able to play a single instrument. I wanted to eliminate the technical skills from the creative process and make a playful installation which enhances peoples creativity and will to create something.”

This genius invention will be making its rounds in events all over Sweden and Europe but as for the question of whether Beat Blox will be manufactured and sold to consumers— that remains to be discussed.