2 May 2017

The Bat Mobiles Of The Real World: The Nissan BladeGlider (2 of 2)

Hey car nerds, we are now at the second article of this two post series dedicated to the real-life batmobiles. Last time, we have featured the awesome Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, which perfectly balances elegance and power – perfect for the real-life Bruce Wayne.

This time around though, we are going to tickle the techie side of Bruce, with this car that even Lucius Fox might have built. The Nissan BladeGlider.

The Nissan BladeGlider

Behold, the future of vehicles is upon us, with Nissan’s BladeGlider. The name sounds awesome! So where did BladeGlider come from, anyway?

It literally came from aerial tech – blade, coming from the triangular shape of an aircraft, and glider coming from the glider itself. Or, you can even scratch that and just imagine that the name comes from a really sharp sword, which, if wielded too fast, will make it impossible to see and all the more deadly. A Batman swordsman. Yes, that’s the kind of Batman I would like to be.

Anyway, going back to the car, the BladeGlider is a rear-drive electric vehicle. But do not underestimate the power of this thing. With the lessons learned from the earlier Nissan LEAF, the BladeGlider doesn’t need to worry about its juice anymore. Instead, it has focused on its aerodynamic engineering that has made this car into a speed and precision monster.

The only thing that I would tweak in this car is the color. It has a white highlight, you see, to mimic the feel of a glider. But, as I would like it to be my batmobile, I would probably give it an all black finish if given the chance.

Plus, I would probably spend a week reading the manual that would come with this baby because I’m seeing a lot of screens and buttons. I don’t want to launch a missile in the middle of a busy highway, after all.