20 Jan 2012

Barbara Palvin will make you hate your girlfriend

I don’t know if you guys remember the time when we’ve posted Barbara Palvin’s breathtaking lingerie photoshoot for Victoria’s Secret (which is here)  but I still remember it like it was yesterday. I’ve had a thing for this Hungarian hottie from the first day I’ve seen her but it was that photoshoot for VS that totally made me fall for her.

We even ranked this peach in our top 5 hottest girls we’ve discovered in 2011 which is saying a lot.. and that was mostly thanks to her awesome VS shoot. And now… get ready to drool, because we have another batch of photos with the uber cute Barbara Palvin showing off her most perfect 10/10 body in Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

Hot damn, if this isn’t the best photoshoot to gawk at in a Friday afternoon, then.. I really don’t know what is. Barbara is the type of girl that can induce drooling with just a look, and once you check out the rest of her you’re melting like icecream on a hot summer day. That’s it, I’m going to stop here because I can go on all day and night about how freaking hot this girl is. Enjoy!