4 Dec 2012

Barbara Palvin looking like her usual ultra hot self

I guess it’s no secret right now that I totally love this Hungarian bombshell, that’s why I’m drowning you with new photos of her every single time I have the occasion. And ’til now, no one complained about that, totally understandable, I’d say. I mean.. I don’t know if there’s any guy or girl out there who could say “no” to new photos of this peach.

So.. here’s the uber cute Barbara Palvin doing what she probably does best, and in case you don’t know what it is that she does best, it’s looking like a sexy little fox while strutting her groovy curves. And in this particular case, her groovy little curves are covered only by same fancy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, of course.

She’s not a Victoria’s Secret angel yet, but good god, she sure looks like an angel, and if she keeps dropping our jaws with photoshoots like this one, I’m pretty sure she will be a VS angel pretty darn soon. Enjoy!