1 Dec 2011

Barbara Palvin jumps into skimpy lingerie, makes me faint

Oh my God.. if you guys thought that the other two girls we’ve featured today were incredible, wait until you see this article. Are you ready ?? Good, ’cause I’m ready as well.. Here’s one of the cutest supermodels on the planet, Hungarian hottie Barbara Palvin oozing sexiness from every inch of her tight little body in Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

Sweet Christmas!! Now if you’ve never heard of this cutie before, umm.. I’m pretty disappointed because we’ve already posted a couple of drool inducing photoshoots with her but don’t worry about it. These amazing photos are the perfect opportunity for you to get acquainted with Barbara’s drop dead gorgeous looks and cuteness.

She looks absolutely stunning from head to toe, from front to back and so on. Every time I get to see a new photoshoot with her I’m drooling like a zombie and I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen to you as well right now. Having said that, I think I’d better stop gushing over her now because I almost forgot the other tasks I had for the day.

Gosh, she’s hotter than most Victoria’s Secret models and that’s saying A LOT! Enjoy!