21 Sep 2012

Barbara Palvin is my definition of the perfect babe

Oh. My. God. What a beauty! We’ll end this week in the most awesome way possible, with my Hungarian crush, the adorably hot Barbara Palvin, looking like perfection personified in one of the sexiest photoshoots I’ve seen lately. It’s a new batch of photos from Victoria’s Secret and hot damn, they’re so amazing I’m almost speechless right now.

Words can’t do justice to this girl’s hotness but when I say every inch of her is perfect to a “T”, she’s making me look like I actually know what I’m talking about for change. Seriously, one look at any one of these photos, or at our already impressive archive of Barbara Palvin photos and I’m sure you’ll agree she’s beyond stunning.

From her amazing cleavage, to her killer legs, sexy booty, sultry lips, incredible eyes, etc.. and to top it all off, she’s oozing so much sex appeal from any of these shots that you’ll almost feel it. That shiver you’re going feel right now it’s Barbara’s fault. Enjoy and.. have a great weekend!