13 Jun 2012

Barbara Palvin is back and looking cuter than ever

I don’t have a clue if my uber crush from Hungary is on her way to become a new Victoria’s Secret angel, but.. she’s doing more and more work for VS lately and.. I’m pretty damn sure we all appreciate that. Barbara Palvin is adorably hot and seeing her in lingerie makes me weak at the knees every. single. time. which probably says a lot about how much I like her.

This peach quickly became one of the my favorite supermodels on the planet and.. should I mention the fact that she’s still just 18 right now? Gosh, she hasn’t even turned 19 and she already took over the world with her sweetness. If Kate Upton rocked our minds with her bikini body since she was 18.. Barbara make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside whenever she’s posing in lingerie at 18 as well.

She’s too hot for words so.. I’m going to let the photos do the talking this time. Enjoy this brand new set of lingerie photos from Victoria’s Secret featuring the lovely Barbara Palvin!