10 Jul 2013

Barbara Palvin is an uber cute angel

I don’t know if she’s an angel or not, but I’m telling you guys & gals: she could be really close.. I always feel closer to heaven whenever the ultra cute Hungarian supermodel Barbara Palvin poses in a brand spanking new lingerie photoshoot from Victoria’s Secret. And, here she is again..  this vision of perfection decided to give us something to dream about, once again.

Her obvious ultra sweetness will mess with any guy’s mind.. or any girl’s dreams, for that matter. Who could ignore those groovy little curves in skimpy lingerie?! She totally looks foxy, showing off that perfect body and amazing beauty to the world. She’s doing us a favor actually; I, for one, feel privileged every time I get to gawk at this peach’s slender body lines. Hoochie mama!

I’m having quite a bit of a problem here, I can’t seem to be able to type any more. This symptom is quite normal when the gorgeous Barbara Palvin is doing what she probably does best – looking like a sexy little fox while strutting her bodacious figure. Go on, babe, take us to heaven! Enjoy!