18 Oct 2013

Barbara Palvin is a sexy little kitten. Meow!

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.. Does anyone else think this ultra sweet Hungarian cutie would be perfect in a black, shiny, latex suit, kicking a$$ as a new Catwoman?! Just me?! Well, no matter, I’m just happy I’ve got such a vivid imagination, but no worries, since Barbara Palvin is posing for us in some new pics for Victoria’s Secret; who needs imagination when we’ve got this sultry pics to keep us company? Hot damn!

This foxy young supermodel is really one sweet cookie! She could easily mess with any guy’s mind, because none of us could ever resist them groovy little curves, tormenting our souls in skimpy lingerie. Don’t even get me started on that mesmerizing, naughty smile. Please note that cookies are meant to be enjoyed with milk.. lots and lots of milk! Meow!

Hungarian hottie Barbara Palvin looks totally foxy, showing off that perfect body and amazing beauty to the world. She’s doing us a favor actually; I, for one, feel privileged every time I get to gawk at this peach’s slender body lines. Hoochie mama! Besides, I can’t help wondering how this kitty cleans herself.. or how she drinks milk, for that matter. Moving on! This vision of perfection is here, for our enjoyment. Enjoy!