5 Mar 2012

Bar Refaeli looking so freaking hot you’ll squirm

Yeees, the wait is almost over! I don’t remember exactly when was the last time we’ve seen a mind blowing photoshoot with my future wife, the uber hot Bar Refaeli, but here she is looking like a sexy little minx for the newest swimwear collection from Agua Bendita.

These are still just previews, with pretty low quality, but you can easily see that the shoot is going to be a scorcher and that’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for..

I know you’re going to say that we’ve seen Bar just a couple of weeks ago in the new swimsuit issue from Sports Illustrated but to be honest, I was a bit disappointed by her new SI shoot and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only guy who says that. I mean.. just studio photos and photos with other guys than me?? I’d like to see Bar with me not with that douche Nadal. A 50+ photo spread with Bar in all sorts of bikinis would have been perfect and that’s exactly what Agua Bendita is doing.

And that’s why I love ’em. Thanks to them we’re going to have a whole bunch of awesome poses with Bar that will zap you into a zombie like state of drooling and make you squirm in your chair. Even these low quality photos would do that.. not to mention the HQ ones that will be released soon. We’ll probably make another post with those photos but until then, all I could say is.. hoochie mama!