23 May 2009

Bar Refaeli bikini pics can melt an iceberg


I had a couple of crazy days and I am probably really hard to impress lately but these bikini pics with Bar Refaeli made me say “wow”. This chick is absolute goddess. Her body and face are a piece of holy creation and she looks so sweet, natural, exotic and beautiful in these hot pics. She’s slim but in the same time she’s so curvy but probably her eyes are the most powerful weapon she’ll use to amaze us.

Those eyes, they just stare at you with a mysterious blue intensity and she’ll know after just a couple of minutes of eye contact almost everything about you. You can’t run away but who would run away from Bar when she’s wearing these hot clothes?

Bar Refaeli in a bikini it’s on top of my Wish List.


[Source: Popoholic]