30 Jan 2012

Babs de Jongh will rock your world, whoever she is

Here’s another reason why Netherlands is one of the most awesome countries on the planet, a super cutie who goes by the name Babs de Jongh, who’s apparently a pretty successful model already. No clue exactly why we haven’t heard of her until this day but.. better late than never, eh?

And to show you exactly why you need to remember Babs de Jongh‘s name from now on, here’s a wonderful lingerie photoshoot with this Dutch hottie looking drop dead gorgeous for the newest collection from Hunkemöller. I have a feeling that you’ll be seing a whole lot of this peach in the near future, maybe not more than you see in this photoshoot .. but she surely convinced us to feature her again with these photos.

You gotta love a girl who has a killer body like Babs does, and who loves to show it off wearing nothing but sexy lingerie. She’s even doing the hand bra pose in two of these photos and yeah, she’s pretty great at it! Enjoy!