19 Dec 2012

Awesome Ferrari themed garage in Paradise Valley

If you love cars just as much as you love women, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be all over this Ferrari-themed garage, currently under construction in Paradise Valley, AZ. This massive underground garage will spread over 2,400 sq. ft. and it will be part of a massive 45,000 sq. ft. construction that’s probably going to be heaven on earth for everyone who’s a fan of the Italian supercar maker.

The Ferrari-themed garage will display retired race cars and their decorated hoods and it will also function as an entertainment area. It features acrylic bar cabinets with no visible handles, a state of the art entertainment center, a large Ferrari logo painted in the metallic pearl floor and even a real Ferrari racing simulator that’s probably going to be the main attraction apart from the cars displayed here.

Money can buy a whole lot of things, but this Ferrari-themed garage is just too much.  “Garage” doesn’t do it justice.. it’s more like a museum. I hope we’ll receive a couple of photos when it’s completed.