6 Mar 2012

Awesome comeback win for the Denver Nuggets

Wow. One of the closest basketball games I have ever witnessed. The Denver Nuggets took down the Sacramento Kings in a close match on the 5th, beating them by a mere 3 points in an exciting 119-116 overtime finish. The Nuggets started out slow, trailing by double digits in the first half, but had an awesome comeback to tie it up going into the second half.

Aron Afflalo has been absolutely on fire since the All-Star break, and he played his heart out for a career-high 32 points on Monday night. Not only that, he gave his team a fighting chance by netting 3 free throws in a row with less than a second left in the 4th quarter to send his team to OT. The final hero of the game was Ty Lawson, who snagged a 3 pointer with only 4 seconds remaining in OT, securing the win for his team.

What a game. Every-time the Kings made some leeway, the Nuggets rallied back, playing amazing catch-up basketball to pull a win out of thin air. The Nuggets are in second place in their division, and play the Cavaliers next on the 7th. If there is a chance of another game like this, I wouldn’t miss it. Gotta hand props to the Nuggets for not giving up and sticking out to win this one.