26 Aug 2014

Awesome Beach Murals by Andres Amador

It’s hard to talk about tins one, since it’s so unusual. It seems that by using nothing more than a rake, San Francisco Artist Andreas Amador manages to create these incredibly beautiful and geometric designs on the beach. During low tide, Amador uses the rake to etch designs on to the beach, exposing the wetter sand and causing a color difference between the raked and unraked sand.

In order to achieve perfect symmetry, the artist uses a rope as a compass. His works are an estimated 90,000 square feet in size and take him about 2 hours to complete. I can’t believe that after all the painstaking effort Amador puts into each work, he manages to watch them slowly disappear as the tide comes in. It seems ,however, he places more value in the act of creating and the value of the work itself rather than the finished piece. One way or another, you won’t see any murals similar to the ones pictured below. Superb!