29 Apr 2014

Aviator Villa by Urban Office Architecture

This eclectic looking building was designed for an airplane pilot, as a collection of aeronautical parts meant to give its guests a taste of living in the clouds. I’m not seeing that, nor do I get the aviator link, but I have to admit it’s pretty radical. Dubbed “a villa for an aviator,” this luxurious villa is located in New York state. I was expecting a house inspired by aircrafts to feature a streamlined form, instead this villa has a deliberately twisted geometry as if the trying to draw out the way a plane steers through air currents. so, this is a wind tunnel, without the wind but with an interesting ride in full comfort and relaxation.

The Aviator Villa allows for a vast quantity of light to enter its premises, as its shape bends the window apertures to accommodate the best views instead of installing large, flat planes of glass. That would be ordinary and boring, and definitely not suited for a plane, which usually features sharply angled convex/concave windows. This collection of “dis-assembled flight components” is a house that is exposed to wide open views on three sides, a luxury and unique house set up on a small hill and built on stacked vertical volumes so that guest would feel as close to the clouds as possible without actually needing a breathing mask. Moreover, the villa is located right between a lake and a swimming pool, so that blue coloring makes you think you’re flying over a vast ocean of solitude.

The Aviator Villa features a minimalist interior, a modern facade and an intriguing design. It’s simply dreamy!