8 Sep 2017

Audio Gear in Only Lover’s Left Alive: Guitars (1 of 2)

I am sorry, but the movie, Only Lovers Left Alive left me feeling a bit dissatisfied. I was definitely craving to know more, and not just, you know, take a look at what two snobby vampires do on their spare time. It left me with a lot of questions. Clearly they have abilities, but what are they, specifically? What was Ava’s blunder in Paris before? What is this film’s point? That this is the end of culture as we know it? Can someone please fill me in?

Oh well. Maybe the movie was simply for aesthetic purposes only, because that I get. I got high for the books and the audio gear and the soundtrack. This is surely one film that you’d love to watch while you’re high. But that’s another story.

So, guitars…

There were basically four guitars featured in the film. Adam had more than four, I know, but it was the four pieces, freshly delivered by Ian that steals my eye.

1959 Supro by Valco (White)

There were actually two types of 1959 Supro made: a dual tone and a triple tone, but of the two, the tri-tone was rarer since it was only distributed for one year. 1959. Hence, it’s no wonder Adam was really pleased when he got his white baby and promptly named it after William Lawes, an English composer and musician during the 1600s.

1966 Hagström (Silverblue)

The 1966 Hagstrom catalogue was an impressive collection of both electric and acoustic guitars, but my personal favorite among them is the Viking – Hagstrom’s first semi-acoustic launched the year before. Among the celebrities who played it were Frank Zappa and Elvis Presley.

An “Early Sixties” Silvertone (Black)

The closest match we saw was a first generation 1964 Silvertone model 1448, with that same black and white yin yang color. There’s actually a listing on eBay if you guys are interested, at $595.00

Gretsch 6120 “Chet Atkins” (Red)

Finally, there is the Gretsch 6120 co-designed with the artist Chet Atkins. This baby is actually one of the most popular Gretsch instruments, that’s why it’s no surprise that Adam already saw this baby in action, being played by 1950s American musician, Eddie Cochran.

And that is it, music buffs. I hope that satisfies your music gear cravings for now. By the way, if you can’t get enough of Only Lovers Left Alive just yet, feel free to watch out for the part two in this series where we take a look at Adam’s other music equipments. See ya!