12 Sep 2017

Audio Gear in Only Lover’s Left Alive: Audio Equipment (2 of 2)

Hello fellow music fans, we meet again. Last time that we were here, we took a look at four of the guitars that Ian freshly delivered to Adam. It was a mixture of different brands released mostly during the 50s and 60s.

But we all know that the eye candy did not stop there! There were still a lot of audio equipment and gear left to explore. If only we could enter the screen to take a look at all of them, you know, take a tour of his house. Though I know he would never open his doors to a zombie like me unless, maybe, I have a vintage musical instrument to trade for a couple of minutes.

Anyway, let’ go!

The Premier Drumset

Although it was not mentioned in particular in the film, the Premier website confirmed that it was a White Marine Pearl Genista Drumset.

Telefunken Recorder

Unfortunately, we were not able to take a closer look at the Telefunken recorder featured in the film, nor did they talk about it. But according to our researchers, it was actually a Telefunken M5 reel to reel audio recorder.

Revox Recorder

Same with the Telefunken one, we also lack some information about Adam’s Revox recorder, but sources say that it is actually a Revox A77 reel to reel audiotape recorder.


As with the audiotape recorders, we also saw two brands that were probably Adam’s favorite when it comes to amplifiers and they are Marshall and Fender.

I seriously fell in love with Adam’s setup and it was such a heartbreaking fact that he had to leave it in the end. He’ll probably come back later for them. God knows I would.

Adam’s taste for vintage is surely a match made in heaven combined with Eve’s ability to date things. I just hope that we get to enjoy other films that have an aesthetic taste like this one, too see our similar taste for the old appreciated and enjoyed.