10 Aug 2012

Ariadne Artiles looking like a major little tease!

Let me just start off by saying that I have absolutely no idea who Ariadne Artiles is, but now on I’ll surely remember how awesome her perfect little body is in skimpy lingerie thanks to these brand spanking new photos from Yamayay. Ok, ok, let’s do a quick Google search on this bombshell together..

Born in 1982, half Spanish, half Venezuelan, this girl is still a goddess. Apparently she’s been modeling for years but for some unknown reason she hasn’t entered our radar ’til this day. Better late than never, eh? She was featured in a ton of magazines already but what you’re about to see right now, these breathtaking photos from Yamayay, haven’t been posted anywhere yet.

These photos are perfect to get you acquainted with this sexy little minx and, if you can’t remember her name after drooling over ’em for minutes, then you might have some problems. Enjoy!