3 Mar 2014

Anyone up for some Mini Beer Pong?

I’m quite sure there’s nothing better to hit the spot on a Monday than a cold beer, but you and me both know we just can’t hate that at the office. So, keep dreaming, at least ’till the evening. Better yet, how about a drinking game with your best buddy? Now that sounds fun!

I’m not a ping pong fan myself, and even if I were I’m not sure I’d buy and make room for a a big table, ping pong ball, and array of red cups in my house. But beer pong is universally recognized as the best way to open up and meet new people. .except if you’re a mean drunk, but that’s entirely another story.

This Mini Beer Pong set-up takes the classic party drinking game on the road, since it’s been shrunk, allowing you to get hammered – if you wish for it – in just any place you could imagine, like these guys in the picture; what are they, sailing? Pretty sure that’s illegal while intoxicated, but let’s move on.

Pong mixes together boys’ favorite activities: sports, yelling and drinking. That’s a sure winner, especially since playing a round on the 2-foot long table is a hassle-free good time. But expect the game to be mature, because you’ll be using 1-ounce cups. Oh, by the way: each table is handcrafted at a maker cooperative in Minnesota with local lumber, and you’ll be doing the right thing as you get wasted since 5% of each purchase is donated to Engineers Without Borders – that’s your excuse for the misses. You’re welcomed!