12 Jun 2012

Aniko Michnyaova is the sweetest girl you will see today

I know that you guys and gals haven’t had the privilege of drooling over my future girlfriend from Slovakia, the lovely Aniko Michnyaova, for quite some time so.. I thought I’d end this Tuesday with these brand spanking new photos of Aniko doing what she probably does best, showing off her incredible hotness in skimpy lingerie. Sounds great, eh?

This time we have a couple of ridiculously sexy photos with Aniko modeling lingerie for the new collection from Lepel and looking like a sexy little minx in the process. Seriously, is she drop dead gorgeous or what !?? I think this is one of the most awesome photoshoots we’ve featured lately and that’s saying a lot considering the fact that we always post only the best stuff.

This girl is hot enough to be called responsible for global warming and, if our keyboards would short circuit from too much drool, I’m pretty sure we’d all have to change ’em after gawking at these pics lol. That’s it, I’m going to stop here before I start embarrassing myself. Enjoy!