25 May 2009

Angelina Christina is sooo hot you’re going to freak out!


If I could choose between Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera I’d definitely want them both but well… it seems there’s someone hotter than them. Actually there are many chicks way hotter than Angie and Christina but now we’re going to focus on a fresh face with a perfect name, Angelina Christina, a girl that’s ready to take over the world with her amazing body.

I’m glad she’s not one of those skinny models who starve themselves just to look better on the catwalk. We need more curves, we need to gawk all day at perfectly shaped melons and a fine ass and she’s got the whole package. I think anyone would notice easily how hot her boobs are and her body is almost perfect in every detail. With those hot clothes and that sexy tan she could make any man drool.


[Source: GorillaMask]