19 Jul 2012

Angela Marcello in sexy swimwear never lets me down

Alright mates, here’s a blonde bombshell we haven’t seen for a long, long time (five months to be more exact), the lovely Angela Marcello, showing off her groovy little curves in a brand new photoshoot for the summer collection of skimpy little outfits from Venus.

Actually, I think I could say this is more like a swimwear photoshoot with a couple of bonus shots of this girl in other hot outfits which.. sounds even better and hotter if you ask me. These are hands down some of her sexiest photos do date and.. you’ll probably understand why I’m going to say that this peach is one of the most underrated models right now after clicking on any of these photos.

I mean.. look at her!! Is she ridiculously hot or what !?? She has the right curves in all the right places, looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing and has a killer smile that would make you go speechless in seconds !!! I don’t know why we don’t get to see new photos of Angela Marcello on a weekly basis ’cause this girl definitely deserves more attention from us all.