10 Sep 2012

Anel Odendaal is new, looks sexy as hell in lingerie

I have never seen nor heard of South African hottie Anel Odendaal before this morning, but I’m freaking glad I finally did. She’s just another example of how stunning South African babes are, and, as you can clearly see from any of these photos, she looks like a blast of hotness whenever she tries on some sexy lingerie.

The guys (or gals) at Ann Summers have done it again! I don’t know how, but they always pick gorgeous girls we don’t know yet to model their new lingerie collections. A couple of months ago I nearly fell off my chair when I’ve discovered the smoking hot Nicole Neal thanks to these guys and now… they’ve done it again.

Anel Odendaal in Ann Summers lingerie is incredible right down to her sexy little toes and if you don’t believe me, these photos will surely convince you. Enjoy!