22 Mar 2011

Andrea Garcia in all of her naughty hotness

Let me just start off by saying that I have no clue who this smoking hot Latina is… but, as always, the guys from the Mexican mens magazine Hombre, were kind enough to bring her in our attention with a screaming hot photoshoot that will make you love her and the magazine as well.

This girl’s name is Andrea Garcia and she’s apparently a popular Mexican actress and model blessed with an amazing body that probably has more curves than a Formula One circuit. I’d usually go on telling you how ridiculously sexy these photos are but I guess you’ll see notice that easily.

So… here’s Mexican actress Andrea Garcia showing off her groovy little body in a wonderful lingerie pictorial for the April 2011 issue of Hombre. Before you get to the drooling part I just wanna say I really, really want that tie-bra to become a new thing. Every girl should start rocking a tie as a bra like this peach. Oh yeah!