24 Jan 2012

Andi Muise struts her sexy little body in swimwear!

Guess who’s finally back in our attention? My favorite Canadian supermodel, the uber hot Andi Muise, looking like a supernova of hotness while posing for the newest collection of swimwear from Bloomingdale’s. I’m pretty sure it’s freaking cold in Canada right now but this girl could take the temperature up by a few degrees just by posing like this.

Gosh, I think this is hands down one of her sexiest photoshoots to date, and that’s saying a lot ’cause I’ve seen many, many photos with this peach already. But most of the photoshoots I’ve seen lately with Andi are more fashion-themed and that’s exactly why I’m so freaking happy because I finally got to see a proper photoshoot with her.

I’ve always dug her but I’m digging her a lot more thanks to this drool inducing appearance and.. let’s hope we’re going to see a lot more photos like these with Andi Muise in the future. Enjoy!