2 Mar 2017

The Anatomy Of A Healthy Weight-Loss Smoothie

Smoothies are awesome. They taste great. They can help you on your way towards living healthier. They are an easy to prepare meal especially when you’re always on-the-go. And finally, they can help you lose weight.


Yes, there are only a couple of things in the world that taste good AND help you lose weight at the same time, and smoothies are one of them.

If you want to get into the smoothie habit though, then here is a short article about the ingredients that you might want to add to your next drink in order to make it more fulfilling and friendlier to the waist line.

Nut Butter

My choice would always be almond butter, but if you’re a peanut person, then by all means brother, go ahead. A tablespoon of nut butter can add 95 calories to your drink making it more fulfilling, giving it more protein, and of course, making it more heart-friendly.


I don’t think I need to remind you of this smoothie mainstay, but just in case you forget, one banana can make a HUGE difference to a glass of smoothie. First, it can make that “leafy” taste go away for those who want to add greens but are not really a fan of the taste. Next, bananas can give that smooth hearty texture to your drink. And finally, it’s fiber baby, and fiber’s always a welcomed ingredient.


Okay, to those who are really concerned, you can make it a more weight loss friendly by choosing fat-free Greek yogurt. Not only does it add a nice touch of flavor to our smoothie, it also helps you fulfill your daily calcium needs.

Chia Seeds

When I first encountered these seeds, I was like “what’s with all the rage with these small seeds?”….until I tried them myself. These little seeds actually expand in liquid, and they are just full of amazing nutrients. In fact, they’re even considered as a super food. Neat, right?

And that’s it, folks. Feel free to share your own favorite smoothie ingredients and spread the smoothie love.